Brockway Entertainment is a Canadian urban music marketing & promotion company based in Ottawa, Ontario.

It was founded in 2002 in Fredericton, New Brunswick and has been on pause since 2011 due to health related issues of the owner.

Clients have included Classified, JRDN, Eternia, Skratch Bastid, Jorun Bombay, Wordburglar, Under Pressure Festival, D.O. Gibson & more.

The mission of Brockway Entertainment was to assist independent Canadian hip-hop artists in exposing their music via radio, press & print throughout North America.

2011 Brockway Ent Canadian Rap Future Superstars

Download the 2011 compilation here

2010 Brockway Ent Canadian Rap Future Superstars

Download the 2010 compilation here

Brockway Biggs
"In Awe of Simplicity

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4 May 2020 - Spotify

Now on spotify. Nearly a decade later.
The 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars compilation spotify playlist.
8 of the original tracks were missing, so I added 6 of the finalists from that year.

10 April 2012 - Concussion

Hey everyone. You probably haven't heard from me in quite awhile. I suffered a few smaller concussions from mid 2010 to mid 2011, which I naively ignored. Then in August 2011, I suffered a big one. It's more than 7 months later, and my life is still paused as I very slowly recover. I haven't been able to tolerate listening to music since the "big one", so unfortunately, I wasn't able to put out a Canadian rap compilation last year (first time since 2002). I also haven't been able to pursue my own music since mid 2010. If you get hit in the head, pause & rest... cause if you've got a bad head injury, your injured brain might not be able to detect it. I will recover, it's just a very slow process.

24 December 2010 - 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

It's the holiday season, so we're back with another compilation packed full of our favourite Canadian rap tracks from the past year. It features 34 Canadian artists, 8 Canadian DJs and 17 Canadian beatmakers, spanning 10 Canadian cities from Halifax, NS to Victoria, BC. 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars. Shoutouts to Nayles for the cover art and Asher Media Relations for publicity assistance.    Download the 2011 compilation here

The Track Listing:

  1. DJ Jayceeoh (North America) - GO OFF! feat Scratch (Of the Roots), Skratch Bastid, Shiftee, Hedspin, Dopey, Mat The Alien, Marvel, I-Dee, Spryte, Excel & Wundrkut
  2. Alex Dimez (Toronto) - All Out (remix)
  3. JD Era (Toronto) - You Know This (radio edit)
  4. Pip Skid (Winnipeg) - Back Rub Rap feat Yy & Silly Willy
  5. Langdon Auger (Victoria) - The Drive Through
  6. Perfeck Strangers (Toronto) - Work To Do (radio edit) feat Drake
  7. Plex (Edmonton/Toronto) - Spare Change feat Rellik, Touch & Leemai
  8. Indelible (Vancouver) - Gets Me High feat Blaming Taylor
  9. The Extremities (Halifax/Toronto) - Lost Souls
  10. D-Sisive (Toronto) - I Love A Girl (Grizzly Bear Hijacked)
  11. Ski (Toronto) - 4Evr Young (Dj Unknown Remix)
  12. TRP (Windsor) - Execution
  13. Magnum K.I. (Winnipeg) - Sleep feat Süss
  14. e.d.g.e. (Vancouver) - Target Practice feat Dave Ryan
  15. D-Sisive (Toronto) - West Coast
  16. Louwop (London/Toronto) - For the Love
  17. Metawon (Calgary/Vancouver) - Joy + Pain feat Just B
  18. Gee Wunder (Toronto) - Pressure Busts Pipes feat Mad Child
  19. Mullet N Steps (London) - Can't Have Me
  20. Baf (Moncton) - Believe me (remix) feat iNTUiT
  21. Underground Realroad (Montreal) - Be Who U-R feat Miss Tee
  22. Nayles (Moncton) - People Playin'

29 December 2009 - 2010 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

It's the holiday season, so we're back with another compilation chock full of our favourite Canadian rap tracks from the past year. It features 34 Canadian artists and 24 Canadian beatmakers, spanning 11 Canadian cities including obsolete corners such as Comox, BC and Clarks Harbour, NS. 2010 Canadian Rap Future Superstars. Shoutouts to Mantrakid at for the album design. The only way to get a copy:

   * Download the 2010 compilation here

The Track Listing:

  1. Manafest (Toronto) - Free
  2. Monark (Fredericton & Saint John) - Playground feat Phakt
  3. Hellafactz (Halifax) - Thought Of U feat Yvette Jarvis & Michael Beals
  4. Relic (Toronto) - Just The Day feat Saukrates
  5. Drumbo (Def3 and Factor) (Regina & Saskatoon) - Take Me Higher
  6. Mantrakid (Comox, BC & Calgary) - My Calling
  7. Ricca Razor Sharp (Calgary & Clarks Harbour, NS) - Rampage
  8. Iron Lion (Calgary) - Take a Breather feat King Lou
  9. Joe Buck (Halifax) - Who We Are feat Jay Bizzy
  10. Cale Sampson (Toronto) - C-A-L-E
  11. Chris Quotes (Toronto) - Where's the Cash At
  12. Eye2Eye (Montreal) - Wing Man
  13. KG (Ottawa) - Megatron
  14. Solid Mas (Toronto) - Ridin Dirty feat Nova Kane & Priceless
  15. RahZemos (Toronto) - Bad Apples
  16. HeatWave (Vancouver) - Bills To Pay (CFRO 'Urban Renewal Project' Choice Pick)
  17. Josh Martinez (Vancouver) - Responsibility feat Evil
  18. Brass Tackz (Vancouver) - Broken Promises
  19. Ghettosocks (Halifax) - R. Kelly's Ghostwriter Skit feat Jordan Croucher
  20. Dan-e-o (Toronto) - Yesterday
  21. Tru-Paz (Toronto) - My Lady
  22. Empire ISIS (Montreal) - Four In The Morning
  23. Shaun Boothe (Toronto) - Music Man feat Amanda Diva

16-20 March 2009 - Hip-Hop & the ECMAs

Read Brockway Ent's five part series on Hip-Hop & the ECMAs:
Part 1 - An Introduction - Hip-Hop Side-Stepped in Corner Brook
Part 2 - Popularity of Hip-Hop in Atlantic Canada & Showcases for Hip-Hop artists at the 2009 ECMAs
Part 3 - The Corner Brook Hip-Hop Struggle
Part 4 - Why was Hip-Hop side-stepped in Corner Brook & Hip-Hop Approach of other Music Award Festivals
Part 5 - Cape Breton in 2010 - Hip-Hop Suggestions

30 Jan 2009 - Compilation debuts at #2

The '2009 Canadian Rap Future Superstars' compilation debuted at #2 on the Canadian hip-hop campus charts last week. Check out the January newsletter for full info, a CTV documentary and more.

26 December 2008 - 2009 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

Click here to read the December Newsletter. In keeping with my annual holiday tradition, I've compiled my 22 favourite Canadian rap tracks and packed them all onto one CD: 2009 Canadian Rap Future Superstars.

Download the 2009 compilation here

The Track Listing:

  1. TRP (Windsor) - One Intro
  2. David Hodges (Montreal) - Get Together
  3. Arabesque (Toronto) - Marlboro Man
  4. Cadence Weapon (Edmonton) - Real Estate
  5. Louwop (Toronto) - Scream
  6. Common Unity (Montreal) - Rigodon Dance
  7. The Extremities (Halifax/TO) - Funk For Joy
  8. Alias Donmillion (Toronto) - Call The Police
  9. Redway (Toronto) - Facebook Broad
  10. Jonny Roxx (Toronto) - Hands Wet feat JD Era & Ken Masters
  11. First Words (Fredericton/Halifax) - Bobbi With An I
  12. Mischif (Cape Breton) - Freaks Come Out
  13. The Subspecies (Kamloops) - Shoot The Shit
  14. Loc Dog (Digby, NS) - You'll See feat Al Boogie, Mick D, KNOwledge
  15. Dynamic (Ottawa) - You Understand
  16. Phakt (Saint John) - The Body feat Jordan Croucher
  17. Factor (Saskatoon) - Pray feat Ceschi
  18. Side C (Montreal) - Trees feat Loe Pesci
  19. Mic Boyd (Enfield, NS) - Michael's Mystery
  20. Tru Paz (Toronto) - Country Road (Remix) feat Esko Levi
  21. Brockway Biggs (Ottawa) - Heretics Heritage Intro (Fresh Kils remix)
  22. Lexington + Whatevski (Calgary) - Movin On Up

24 December 2007 - 2008 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

Click here to read the December Newsletter. In keeping with my annual holiday tradition, I've compiled my 25 favourite Canadian rap tracks and packed them all onto one CD: 2008 Canadian Rap Future Superstars.

Download the 2008 compilation here

The Track Listing:

  1. Brockway Biggs (Ottawa) - Heretics Heritage Intro feat DJ STV, DJ Ducats & Skratch Bastid
  2. Ghettosocks (Halifax) - I Invented Everything feat Jabba tha Cutt
  3. Rhythmicru (Toronto) - Here It Comes feat Shad K
  4. Seazon (Toronto) - The Reporter (radio edit)
  5. DNA (Fredericton) - The North Side
  6. Atherton & Sire (Ottawa/Toronto) - Mean Miss Treater
  7. Above (Saint John) - Christie
  8. J-Bru (Halifax) - I Love You Ma
  9. Empire (Toronto) - No Where
  10. Ira Lee (Regina) - Msssissppppi
  11. Mr. Quibble (Toronto) - Windseeker
  12. Moka Only (Vancouver) - The Taste
  13. Lady Precise (of Stinkmitt) (Vancouver) - Movin Up feat Emotion
  14. Trobiz (Halifax) - Grindin feat Damon Daye
  15. Jordan Croucher (Halifax) - Ain't Hard To Find feat Classified & Mic Boyd
  16. Touch & Nato (Edmonton) - Can't Hold Me Back feat Chazm & Nomad
  17. Art of Fresh (Toronto) - Get Free
  18. Brockway Biggs (Ottawa) - Canada Dry feat Nicole Rushton
  19. Spesh K (Halifax) - Saturday Night
  20. Thorowbredz (Ottawa) - Gangsta Lean
  21. Assen K / Self Driven (Ottawa) - 3 Strikes
  22. The EquAzn (Calgary) - Right Now
  23. Young Sin (Vancouver) - Listen
  24. Boz Faramone (Ottawa) - BBQ (So Good) feat Moka Only
  25. Sean One (Fredericton) - Gangstah Boogie Outro

16 October 2007 - Brockway Ent helps bring Nelly scholarship to Canada

Brockway Entertainment has teamed up with Fillmore Street Brewery (home of Nelly's energy drink, Pimp Juice) to make their scholarship available to Canadian students with awards of $1750, $500, $250 and more. For more details, read the press release: in PDF or as MS Document.

21 August 2007 - Brockway Biggs CD Release Today!!

After a three year wait, Fredericton/Ottawa's Brockway Biggs (formerly Pimp Tea) is back with 15 original tracks on his third album, titled 'In Awe of Simplicity.' Read the whole newsletter here. And Buy the CD here.

5 Aug 2007 - Campus Radio

I've been busy working on my own album, but I've been helping out the following folks with campus radio promotions. Request 'em at your local station!! Sean One, Skratch Bastid, Bonshah, Geoff Stevenson's "Cancon", Atherton & Sire and more...

1 May 2007 - Pimp Juice, Brockway Ent & Derrty Ent present...

Brockway Biggs feat Prentiss Church & D.O. 'Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix)'. Read the press release

12 March 2007 - Reviews

I finally added a reviews section. More to be added. If time permits, I might add my archive (1998 onward) of just Canadian stuff.

15 February 2007 - Charting at #1 in Canada

Canadian Rap Mix 2006 is #1 this week on both Canadian campus hip-hop charts: Chart Attack & Earshot!   I feel pretty blessed to be sharing top 4 on both charts with crazy albums from Vancouver's No Luck Club and Winnipeg's DJ Co-op.

25 December 2006 - Canadian Rap Mix 2006

Click here to read the December Newsletter.
Brockway Entertainment's Canadian Rap Mix 2006 contains 22 tracks featuring over 30 Canadian artists. It spans 10 Canadian cities, covering scenes as unexpected as Saskatoon, as obsolete as Dibgy, NS, and as major as Toronto. The CD is mixed by my friend, DJ Ducats, whose Peaceful Journey radio show on Ottawa's CKCU recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

The Track Listing:
   01 - DJ Stereotype (Connecticut) - Hockey Night In Canada Intro
   02 - Flight Distance (Ottawa) - Flypaper
   03 - K-Os (Toronto) - Fly Paper
   04 - Dragon Fli Empire (Calgary) - Language of Music feat Curtis Santiago
   05 - Velvet Trench Vibes (Montreal) - High School Girls feat David Hodges
   06 - Flip Kuma (Ottawa) - Strangers feat Allana Stuart
   07 - Frenchi Blanco (Montreal) - Stylo
   08 - Miracle (Digby, NS) Under the Ground feat Phakt
   09 - Classified (Halifax) - See The Truth
   10 - Theology 3 (Toronto) - Temptation Island
   11 - Spesh K (Halifax) - Retirement Days feat Tassja
   12 - Akuma & Factor (Saskatoon) - Never Let You Go
   13 - JC (Halifax) - Feeling Fine (remix) feat Classified & Jay Bizzy
   14 - DL Incognito (Toronto) - Live In My Element
   15 - Cale Sampson of Rhythmicru (Toronto) - The Facts of War
   16 - Ira Lee (Edmonton) - Magic
   17 - Grubbs (Winnipeg) - Plague of the City
   18 - Wordburglar (Toronto) - Breeze feat Pigeon John
   19 - David Hodges (Montreal) - Interlude
   20 - D.O. (Toronto) - Just Forfeit feat Slakah, Arabesque, G Stokes
   21 - Brockway Biggs (Ottawa/Fredericton) - Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix) feat Prentiss Church & D.O.
   22 - Classified (Halifax) - Believe it or Not feat Jay Bizzy, J-Bru, White Mic & Preacher K

19 November 2006 - Newsletter: Contests + Hold It Down DVD ...

Click here to read the November Newsletter.

21 September 2006 - Taking a break

It's been a real busy year & a half with many success stories. I've decided to take a break for a bit to spend time with friends & family and to get creative with my music again.

31 July 2006 - Under Pressure Festival

The Under Pressure Festival is less than two weeks away. Skate & b-boy competitions and the return of the father of hip-hop, Kool Herc to Montreal on Sun, Aug 13th! Click here to read press release.

18 July 2006 - Wordburglar Releases Album

Wordburglar has released his sophomore album, 'Burglaritis', on Hand'solo Records.

21 June 2006 - Classified wins MMVA

Congrats to Classified & Urbnet Records on winning a 2006 MuchMusic Video Award (MMVA) for Rap Video of the Year with 'No Mistakes.' Request the video!

22 May 2006 - Under Pressure Compilation Released

On Tuesday, May 9th, the Montreal-based magazine, Under Pressure, released their 4th Canadian hip-hop compilation, 'Up North Trip Vol. 4.' The compilation also includes a 10-year anniversary DVD celebrating the yearly urban festival that takes place in Montreal.

15 March 2006 - Newsletter

Click here to read the March/April Newsletter.

19 February 2006 - Juno Nominations

Congrats to two of my top clients for the year, Classified & Eternia, on their 2006 Juno Nominations for Rap Recording Of The Year!

29 January 2006 - Brockway Ent Comp in Earshot top 10

I was pretty surprised and excited to see my 2005 Brockway Ent Canadian Rap Compilation at #6 on the Earshot national campus hip-hop charts this week. Thanks for supporting indie canadian hip-hop!

1 January 2006 - Newsletter

Click here to read the January Newsletter. Congrats to the January contest winners: Roundtable Entertainment & Dave Zinck, a teacher at Dartmouth High School (Halifax, NS) who happened to be in need of vinyl for their school turntables. Email theword(at)brockwayent(dot)com for your chance to win future contests.

24 December 2005 - 2005 Canadian Rap Compilation

In my eyes, 2005 has been a great year for Canadian independent hip-hop. I thought I'd share my list of my favorite Canadian songs of 2005.

01 - Classified - It's Just My Opinion (Prod. by Classified)
02 - Skratch Bastid/John Smith/Pip Skid - Murphy's Law feat Sleep (Prod by Bastid)
03 - Touch - SP Twelve (Prod by Nato)
04 - Alpha Flight - If I Could Be (Prod by Ghettosocks)
05 - David Hodges - Feel Your Soul (Prod by Devize)
06 - Josh Martinez - Tour Is War (Prod by Samix)
07 - Rezofficial - Keep On Movin (Prod by J Mak)
08 - Alpha Flight - Mahogany Office (Prod by Mr. Bix)
09 - Miracle - Darkness Falls feat Mickey D & Monark (Prod by DJ Higga)
10 - Mcenroe & Birdapres - Break Merchant (Prod by mcenroe)
11 - Brockway Biggs (aka Pimp Tea) - Pinch Hitter (Prod by Sean One)
12 - Gruf - You Need to Relax feat Pip Skid (Prod by mcenroe)
13 - Mickey D - It Feels Good feat Miracle (Prod by Suave)
14 - Rikoshay - Stomp (Prod by Rikoshay)
15 - Jay Bizzy - Dirt Dessert (Prod by Dexter Doolittle)
16 - Mood Ruff - Petula The Cougar (Prod by Anonymous Twist)
17 - Ken Masters - Fall on your Face (Prod. by Aliby)
18 - JC - Love Song (Prod by Trobiz)
19 - Soso - The Goose Hunter pt 2 (Prod by Soso)

14 December 2005 - Jay Bizzy's debut Video

Jay Bizzy's VideoFACT video for 'East Coast Warriors' featuring Classified and Johnny Hardcore hit MuchMusic last week. Request It!

27 November 2005 - VideoFACT Grants

Congrats to VideoFACT recipients: Eternia for 'Love' AND to DO for 'Just Forfeit' feat Arabesque & G.Stokes.

15 October 2005 - Newsletter

Click here to read the October Newsletter. Congrats to the October contest winners: Esh Beats & Artemis Thompson of XM Satellite Radio.

4 October 2005 - Eternia album & Video

Eternia's debut album 'It's Called Life' and the VideoFACT video for its first single 'Evidence' have been released. Request Evidence on MuchMusic!

27 September 2005 - CUMA Nominees

Congrats to 2005 Canadian Urban Music Award (CUMA) nominees: Classified for Producer of the Year and Skratch Bastid for DJ of the Year. Yours truly is nominated for the Community Service Award.

14 September 2005 - Classified's 3rd Video

Classified's video for 'No Mistakes' hit MuchMusic last week, landing in medium rotation. Request It!

1 August 2005 - Newsletter

Click here to read August 1st Newsletter. Congrats to Twenty4Seven of Late Night Records for winning the August contest.

31 July 2005 - Spesh K Video

Spesh K's video for 'Knockin Em Down' hit MuchMusic last week, landing in medium rotation. Request It!

20 July 2005 - Record Breakers & Earshot Charts

Skratch Bastid/John Smith/Pip Skid has been at #11 the past two weeks on the Rap Networks' Record Breakers Top 30 charts. The chart is compiled by 40+ of the most influential hip-hop DJs in North America. They were also #10 overall on the June 28th Earshot Top 50 Overall Campus Charts.

1 June 2005 - Newsletter

Click here to read the June 1st Newsletter. Congrats to Freyja Zazu of Ottawa, ON for winning the June contest!

2 May 2005 - !Earshot top 10 for April 2005

The new Exclaim is out! Check pg. 86. The !Earshot campus hip-hop charts for the month of April have Classified at #9 and Spesh K at #10!

1 May 2005 - Newsletter

Click here to read the May 1st Newsletter. Congrats to Angela Seury of Quesnel, BC for winning the May contest! "It's like Christmas here! Thank you so much" - Angela

26 Apr 2005 - Cock Dynamiks Re-Release

The late nineties classic, Cock Dynamiks has been re-released on Hand Solo Records today. It features exclusive tracks from Buck 65, Moka Only, DJ Moves & more.

17 Apr 2005 - Chart Attack Top 10

All three albums I'm working are in this week's Chart Attack hip-hop charts. Classified is at #7, First Words is #8 & Spesh K at #9.

1 April 2005 - Newsletter

Click here to read the April 1st Newsletter